Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taboo Exhibit and Baker Artist Nomination

In my video interview, Kat Harvey mentions that I am nominated for the 2015 Baker Artist Awards so here is the link to see my work as it was installed for "Taboo" at the Silber Art Gallery at Goucher College in Maryland.

Video Interview with Joan Cox in the studio

This is a great glimpse inside my studio and at some of my recent paintings of lesbian couples. My paintings validate the presence of dynamic, complex, sensual, sexual and loving relationships between women making them less taboo.
Joan Cox Video Interview

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few pics from final crit day at MFAWC

The Female gaze...

The female figure painted twice in large acrylic on canvas 50" x 60 and also explored in watercolor on mylar and printed as monotypes onto BFK Reeves wc paper....
Watercolor monotype
copyright Joan Cox 2012

First acrylic on canvas version, 50" x 60"
copyright Joan Cox 2012

Second version of acrylic on canvas 50" x 60" and three watercolor monotypes
copyright Joan Cox 2012

Recent paintings made in Provincetown

I spent a month at the Fine Arts Work Center painting and making was amazing! See some of my recent work below....
Watercolor monotype, 22" x 30" "Portrait of Mare and Claribel".
copyright Joan Cox 2012
Detail of oil painting, double portrait, 50" x 60". "Night Hunger after Xenia Hausner"
copyright Joan Cox 2012
Lithograph, 22" x 30. "Tulips of Sherwood Gardens in Red"
copyright Joan Cox 2012
"Emily in the Studio" acrylic on canvas, 50" x 60"
copyright Joan Cox 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Paintings!

It has been quite a while since I have posted and a lot of things have been happening! I am studying in an MFA program now that allows me to make work in my home studio as well as at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown twice yearly. This past fall, I was able to spend a month painting in a wonderful studio there with a great group of MFA candidates.

May at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center

I am in my second month-long residency at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. I arrived in the rain on Tuesday night and set up my studio along with 20 other MFA students in the MassArts Low-Residency program. I spent the last two days in studio reviews and critiques and saw some amzing work and wonderful transformations in artist's work since the Fall residency. Just wanted to take a minute to post some photoes here of the work center, our crits and some of my new paintings.